At HLVG, we have a large cohesive team of senior professionals who have worked with clients in all major industrial sectors. We also consult with finance academics, industry experts, and specialty appraisers on a regular basis to address unique situations.

H&L’s clients include Western Canadian companies in a variety of industries, including:

Oil and Gas

  • Oil sands operations
  • Refining
  • Drilling
  • Pipeline
  • Specialty manufacturing including drilling rigs, pressurized vessels, and processing equipment, amongst others
  • Safety services
  • Site clean-up and environmental consulting
  • Chemical treatments
  • Gas plants
  • Gas stations
  • Engineering firms and other energy-related consulting firms
  • Distributors
  • Trucking and oilfield hauling services

Other Industries

  • Residential and commercial building construction
  • Real estate sales and development
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales, and distribution
  • Professional practices (such as accounting, engineering, architecture, consulting, dentists, psychology, rehabilitation, financial planning, and insurance brokerage)
  • Farming and agricultural processing
  • Forestry (sawmills, pulp and paper, and related service companies)
  • Drilling for mineral exploration
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing (steel fabrication, windows and doors, food products, peat moss, chemical products)
  • Heavy equipment dealerships
  • Automobile and other large vehicle dealerships
  • Electricity and power generation
  • Construction services (electrical, hardware, masonry, plumbing, landscaping)
  • Consulting services (data management, website design, creative advertising, human resource outplacement)
  • Hotel, lounge, restaurants, and other food establishments (including franchises)
  • Holding companies (real estate and investments)
  • Retail (kitchen products, photography, giftware, large appliances, footware)
  • General services (equipment and aviation repair, printing, travel agencies)
  • Educational institutions (privately-owned)
  • Software
  • Waste management and recycling