Matrimonial Disputes

H+L’s experts provide thoughtful and fair reports that address the complex underlying issues in matrimonial income determination and the related valuation of shares and business assets.

At H+L, we understand that valuations and income determinations are not straightforward and do not follow simple formulas. We work collaboratively with our clients and their legal counsel to clarify the complexities of each individual situation and to provide accurate valuations and income determinations.

Our reports address issues such as:

  • Stock options and shareholder loans
  • Inconsistent patterns of income
  • Personal use of corporate assets
  • Spousal income splitting
  • Hidden or misused commercial assets

Our experts will assist legal counsel in highlighting relevant financial information and will provide reports and testimony that will stand up throughout the litigation process. However, we measure success through our ability to provide valuations and income determinations that may allow positive resolutions to disputes without the need for more formal legal proceedings.

We offer our clients a wide range of cost options to meet the specific needs and complexity of the individual case while maintaining H+L’s dedication to a high-quality product.

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